Because one reason this show and this actress are unlikely to be nominated ever is genre, yes. Shows whose plot engines involve vague international genetic-research consortia, or vampires, or spaceships, tend to be disqualified from the category of “good television.”

Love this. In the middle of a miserable Red Sox season. The performances from young players: Xander Bogaerts, Brock Holt, Mookie Betts, and this catch by Jackie Bradley Jr. … warm my soul.

The biggest obstacle to creativity is attachment to outcome. As soon as you become attached to a specific outcome, you feel compelled to control and manipulate what you’re doing. And in the process you shut yourself off to other possibilities.

I got a call from someone who wanted me to lead a workshop on creativity. He needed to tell his management exactly what tools people would come away with. I told him I didn’t know. I couldn’t give him a promise, because then I’d become attached to an outcome — which would defeat the purpose of any creative workshop.’

It’s hard for corporations to understand that creativity is not just about succeeding. It’s about experimenting and discovering.
Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.
H.L Mencken

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

yes. very relevant for me this week.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

yes. very relevant for me this week.

#nowplaying one of my favorite albums (and album covers). all great. every track.

Audio engineering pioneer John Meyer: Stop chasing the next big thing, and go with FLAC instead

I disagree. As a Grateful Dead fan, I’ve been downloading and using FLAC files for ages so I understand the experience.

FLAC IS NOT a reasonable solution for most listeners. Downloading giant files (like for Pono) is so 90s and streaming FLAC would be difficult and waste bandwidth. Smart compression and delivery is the solution. My company, DTS, works relentlessly to deliver audio to listeners with the highest fidelity to what the artist intended to share. No #SnakeOil.

free advice for recruiters

actual conversation this week over email:

internal company recruiter: Hi Kevin, I’m working on a senior marketing role at <xxxx>. Could we chat for 15 minutes about it?

me: Do you have a job description? Perhaps you could send that as a start.

recruiter: We do not have a written job description for the role.

me: I’ll pass on talking until you have something you can share for my review first.

recruiter: OK. I totally understand.

Xxxx is a big tech/internet company. It is widely admired and a great place to work by all accounts. But I’ve been through this before. I never take the call without a job description (or at least a specific title and high-level detail on the role) in advance.

In my opinion, it’s rude to ask for my time on the phone when you cannot provide any specifics other than “working on a senior marketing role at xxxx”. Why would I spend time on the phone with you to understand your needs? What’s in it for me and/or my network? If you can’t provide details to help me understand what’s in it for me, then don’t ask for a call.

Sigh…. #TimeWaster. Please stop.

The quiet pivot


In the last 6 months, we’ve quietly shifted the direction of Buffer. Our adjustment is now almost complete and we’re charging ahead with our new vision. It’s interesting to reflect on how we came to realize that a change was needed, and how we went about finding our new path.

The original…

Outside Voices: Is the Agency of Record concept DOA? - CMO Today - WSJ

Korn Ferry says the “key vital characteristic of the modern CMO is learning agility”. Word.